Intro to App Disign
Educational program designed for students aged 13 to 16. Discover the world of programming and develop a genuine passion for it
2 times a week
60 minutes
Tivat, Budva, Bar
Limited to 12 spots per group, classes begin in September. Enrollment requires an interview with a teacher.
Who is the course suitable for
The course is ideal for students between 13 and 16 years old who have an interest in modern technologies, gadgets, and computer games. It's also suitable for those who aspire to learn programming or possess a creative inclination
What will be covered in the curriculum
After 1 month
Students will create their own mobile applications, gain proficiency in foundational programming skills, and become familiar with essential concepts like debugging, pair programming, and testing. They will also grasp the art of crafting user interfaces and composing event-driven programs.
After 3 months
Students will achieve mastery over variables, conditional structures, and functions, enabling them to construct more intricate applications. Through collaborative techniques, they'll grasp the art of programming using these three fundamental concepts. Following this, participants will craft their own decision-making app, share it with friends, and offer assistance in decision-making scenarios.
After 5 months
The course's conclusion will introduce them to lists, loops, and iterations, demonstrating their application in creating software that can manage substantial volumes of data. They will also gain proficiency in programming with data libraries and culminate their learning with a 5-day hackathon project. In this project, they will have the opportunity to develop a program of their choosing on any topic.
Course teacher
Anatolii Fedchenko, learn more about me
Blend programming expertise with teaching skills, delivering child-centered education through a humanistic approach
  • He worked at the Letovo School
    He's taught basic and advanced groups from grades 7 to 10, along with unique specialized courses, earning a high student satisfaction rating of 8.4 out of 9
  • Teacher at Yandex.Lyceum
    He guided a group of students who, within 2 years, not only acquired programming skills but also developed a genuine passion for the field
  • I was engaged in ICPC myself
    Achievements: Attained 6th position in individual regional competition, secured a place in the 1/8 round of the World Team Championship. I extend sincere gratitude to my Teacher, Grigoriev Sergey Anatolyevich, for this success
  • Winner of the contest "Young Entrepreneur of the Year"
    In the Kaliningrad region, received recognition in the special category of "Business Creativity"
  • Co-founder and CEO at KEYPOINT
    Throughout a span of 6 years, we've successfully concluded over 40 projects. In 2016, we orchestrated and hosted two conferences in Moscow and Kaliningrad, drawing a combined audience of over 800 attendees
  • I have a deep passion for long-distance running
    Ran 8 marathons, including half of The Abbott World Marathon Majors series: New York, Berlin, Chicago
  • I love my family
    I am happily married to the most wonderful Anya on the planet, and our son Leo is growing up
  • Creating traditions
    In 2017, I initiated the inaugural "Promise Race" in Kaliningrad, drawing around 200 participants. This tradition remains vibrant to the present day
Class fees
Training occurs within a group setting of 12 participants
180 EUR
1 month (8 classes of 60 minutes)
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In each group, there are two spots available for individuals who are unable to cover the complete expenses but have a strong desire to pursue their studies. You contribute an amount based on what you can comfortably afford.
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Feedback provided by my students
  • Dmitry Korotkov
    Yandex.Lyceum graduate
    Anatoly Fedchenko is probably one of the best teachers I have ever met. With his lessons, he not only interested me in the world of programming, but also gave me motivation to work hard and develop my skills in this area. Each lesson with him was like a separate little adventure, filled with an interesting presentation of the theoretical part and no less exciting practical part. Mr. Fedchenko not only knows his subject perfectly but is also able to explain every aspect of it in as much detail as possible so that it becomes clear to anyone.
  • Artem Chekalin
    Grade 9
    Mr. Fedchenko is my computer science teacher for the second year. Every lesson with him discover something new! It is exceedingly rare to find such teachers who combine abundant knowledge (including in areas outside of their subject) with kindness, sensitivity to students and a desire to not only listen to them but also to actually hear what they say. I was convinced of Anatoly's versatility when in just half a year he taught a class of novice programmers not only algorithmic thinking so necessary for computer science interschool competition, but also how to work in raster and vector editors. We even created a dust jacket for our favorite books!
  • Elizaveta Zolototrubova
    Grade 11
    Despite specializing in the humanities, I was always very comfortable studying computer science with Mr. Fedchenko. He found an approach to each of the students, clearly explained the material and suggested how computer science can be applied to any field of activity, be it marketing, literature or history.
  • Andrey Blinov
    Grade 10
    I studied Python programming with Mr. Fedchenko for about a year. Initially, I lacked enthusiasm, I just followed the school program without much effort. Just a couple of lessons later this changed: Anatoly made programming really interesting, explained why a person who is far from computer science needs it. By the end of the year I managed to complete several practical projects, present and finalize them, and, most importantly, I did not perform them half-heartedly – Anatoly managed to make this process exciting.
  • Sofia Osipova
    Yandex.Lyceum graduate
    During the 2 years that I studied at Yandex.Lyceum I learned a lot of new and interesting things. But from time to time there were difficulties. Fortunately, you were always there to help and support me. You clearly explained the new material and answered all our questions. Classes were not boring; I took part in them with pleasure. Of course, sometimes You scolded us, but there was always a reason. Mr. Fedchenko, thank you very much for these 2 years! I think You are a particularly good teacher and just a nice person).
  • Inessa Ulbarisov
    Grade 9
    I came to Anatoly with literally zero Python skills, despite the fact that the course assumed a good knowledge of the basics. Nevertheless, after two months we not only learned the basics of the language but were through the intended material. Thanks to his lessons I later decided to study programming in depth.
  • Elizabeth Leonova
    Yandex.Lyceum graduate
    Mr. Fedchenko is a very cool teacher. During 2 years of training he helped me understand and learn the Python programming language and various libraries such as PyQt, pygame, PIL, and others. His lessons are interesting and positive! Even when we were studying remotely, Anatoly could always give detailed advice on all issues and clearly explained how to perform tasks. I want to thank him for the knowledge I acquired!
  • Nikolai Shamkov
    Yandex.Lyceum graduate
    From the very start of training at Yandex.Lyceum I was interested in programming; I thought it was too complex, and I could not do anything (at first), but after 2 weeks I got really excited and engaged. My teacher (Anatoly Fedchenko) explained everything in an interesting and clear way which gave me motivation to study and learn more than I was given.
Places of classes:
  • Tivat
  • Budva
  • School-Garden "Compass"
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